Immune Boosting Tips

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When it comes to not getting sick during cold and flu season, prevention is KEY. Be Well has pulled together three of their favorite daily immune supporting nutrients, safe and good for adults and kids!

1. Liquid Zinc

The first supplement on our list is Liquid Zinc and the one we love the most comes from Pure Encapsulation. Why is zinc so important? Zinc is key for the development and function of immune cells and therefore all over immune system function and a lot of us are deficient in zinc without even knowing it. This one also tastes pretty good (kid approved!)

2. Micellized Vitamin A

Micellized Vitamin A is next on our list and one we highly recommend is by Klaire Labs. Micellized Vitamin A is carries important antiviral support for your immune system. Don’t get caught without this one!

3. Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2

Vitamin D is important for so many reasons and we need it on a regular basis. Normally we would absorb this magical vitamin through sunlight exposure but when the sun is away we need to find other ways for our bodies to absorb it. Vitamin D plays a key role in balancing the body’s immune system and can have a large impact in preventing infection. As a bonus, it can also help prevent seasonal affective disorder. The one used by our very own Doctor Liz Orchard comes from Orthomolecular.

Adding these into your regimen everyday from fall until spring can help to prevent those nasty cold and flu sickness from creeping into your body.

p.s. year round is also not a bad idea.

Make sure to check with your Naturopathic Doctor or Functional Medicine Doctor at your next check up to find out which supplements and dosage are right for you and/or your children.

Interested in learning more about what you need for your body this winter? Check out our services page to see what best fits your needs here at Be Well.



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