Meet Mary Schlaphoff, Reiki Master

Mary Schlaphoff has been a Usui Reiki practitioner since 2016 and a Reiki master since January of 2017. She received her Reiki training and attunements from master teacher Teasha Elder of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mary first discovered energy healing in 2015 as a recipient. After years of chronic stress and pain that seemed immune to numerous conventional and alternative remedies, Reiki and other types of energy healing were the missing complementary pieces that finally led her to more sustained health and happiness. Mary knew immediately that she was destined to deliver these gifts to others.

Mary brings extensive experience in consultative professions to her energy healing practice, including business and government, which contribute to her ability to empathize and intuitively understand others’ needs and goals. Her work with professional intuitive Aimee Cartier, as well as 10+ years of yoga and meditation practice, also inform her understanding of the relationship between our inner energetic state, our physical and mental wellbeing, and our outer experiences.

Mary works with clients of all backgrounds who wish to find out how energy healing can benefit their health and their lives.

I went to Mary for Reiki due to general aches and pains associated with a pretty demanding workout schedule. I lift heavy weights 4 or 5 days a week and run the days that I don’t. This obviously results in a lot of soreness and muscle tension. I would go to Mary with strained muscles or soreness and the tension would typically be vastly improved afterwards, I’d feel relaxed, and most of the time feel stronger in my workouts the next day.
— Toby R.

Deana Ward