A Natural Approach to Autoimmune Disease

Has your immune system been high-jacked by an autoimmune disease such as Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s, Celiac disease, or Ulcerative Colitis?

Autoimmune diseases are chronic inflammatory diseases which can be both managed and improved through the use of naturopathic medicine.  Here are just a few examples of how Be Well Natural Medicine in the Twin Cities can help you heal your body:

  • Food intolerance testing and nutritional therapy: Food sensitivities can often be aggravating to inflammatory diseases and Be Well Natural Medicine offers a test which gauges sensitivity to 95 different foods.  When the body is reacting negatively to certain foods, it can cause a cascade of adverse reactions, kind of like putting the wrong type of gas in your car.  Food intolerance testing is an easy way to see which foods work for your body and which ones just don’t.
  • Herbal and botanical medicine: Herbal medicines are potent healers. When used correctly, they can calm the inflammatory storm of an autoimmune disease.  For example, turmeric is one of many powerful anti-inflammatory herbs which can simply be added to food as a spice. Studies have shown that it not only reduces inflammation, but it is also beneficial for neurologic, metabolic, liver, pulmonary, and cardiovascular diseases—just to name a few.  A naturopathic doctor can help you identify which herbal medicines will be the most potent healers for your body.

A great benefit to these and other natural therapies is that they have little to no side effects in contrast to pharmaceuticals.  You truly CAN heal your body naturally!   With the right guidance, you will discover that your body is capable of amazing things.  If you nourish your body, it will thank you generously in the form of vitality, strength, and a deeply rooted sense of connection and peace.  It is your beautiful home.

"Your body is capable of amazing things. If you nourish your body, it will thank you generously."
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