Mind Body Energy Healing For Women


“A woman who is in tune with her body and dedicated to her own well-being is a powerful form of activism because societies thrive when women and girls thrive.”

- Dr. Liz Orchard


A note from Dr. Orchard…


The words “me too” are more emotionally charged than ever before as our society sheds light on the fact that women have endured generations of inequality and marginalization that has violated and quieted the essence of their womanhood.

So what can we do about it?

Healing can happen on many different levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If you have old wounds or tired insecurities that you’re ready to release and heal, I’d love to help.

As a holistic doctor, women's health expert, energy medicine practitioner, and a teacher of embodied movement (Qoya), I’ve honed powerful skills to thrive after trauma; flourish despite heartbreak; prosper after significant setbacks; and claim your your deepest, truest self in a world that has gone bonkers with fake perfection.

I've done deep work on myself and countless patients—work that roots yourself in unshakeable grace. I’m passionate about helping women give themselves permission to turn up the volume on their intuition, silence their inner bully, and connect with their divine feminine core—to live more wildly beautiful, radiant lives.

It would be an honor to work with you.


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What to expect in a session:


At the beginning of your session we’ll spend a short time discussing your current life scenario and the reason you are here. 


You'll lie down on the massage table (or a comfortable and private place in your own home for virtual sessions). You’ll be fully clothed as you’re guided into a deep state of relaxation. Your energy treatment will be a combination of Reiki and intuitive energy channeling that’s rooted in feminine embodiment and empowerment. Your 60-75 minute energy cleanse provides a safe, gentle, relaxing, and soul-awakening space for stuck energy to dislodge, release, and move out of your system.

A series of sessions is recommended. Each session is guided by what your body craves—depending on your current life experiences—and what is channeled during our time together.


The healing session will create more balance and flow between your chakras, which are the energy centers in your body.

At the close of your session, you’ll feel more peaceful and aligned with the true you; the one who is often silenced as you move through your busy, task-filled life.


Regular sessions will help clear away the energetic debris currently distracting you from the subtle signals of your intuition. You’ll feel calmer, bolder, and more resilient. Ready to own your choices with newfound focus and determination—rooted in the compassion and confidence of your divine feminine wisdom.

Mind body energy healing is wonderful if you’re experiencing:

  • grief or loss of a loved one

  • times of transition (moving, career change, or empty nest)

  • relationship issues (divorce, breakup, or communication glitches)

  • intimacy or sexual difficulties (low libido or repression)

  • past trauma (unhealed emotions from past painful experiences)

  • a personal quest for purpose

  • a professional quest for clarity around career

  • struggles with mothering

  • struggles with expressing your needs/desires

  • a desire to manifest and create the life you want to live

  • a desire to be more present and grateful

Or call us at (612) 440-7710.